The free agency positional rankings series is coming to an end. Only one more to go. Make sure to check out the previous ones on the best available centers, point guards, and power forwards. Today I’ll be taking a look at the best available shooting guards on the market:

  1. DeMar DeRozan / 6-7 / Team: Toronto / 23.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 4 apg (Player Option)

I’m certain that DeRozan will exercise that player option. He’s coming off his best year of his career with a deep run in the playoffs. His value is at an all-time high as he’s entering his prime. DeRozan is the kind of player that could easily be your number two or a number one option for a young and rebuilding team. Watch out for the Lakers. He’s from LA and rumors are that he would like to play for his hometown team. 

Clippers chances: 1% (He’s from LA, that’s where it starts and ends).

2. Bradley Beal / 6-5 / Team: Washington / 17.4 ppg, 3.4 rpg (Restricted)

Beal is a star in the making–if he can stay healthy. Health has been a major problem for Beal the last few years. If he can finally stay healthy he’d be a big time addition to any team. Very few have a sweet shooting stroke reminiscent of Ray Allen, but Beal does. Chances are that Washington won’t let him get away since he’s a restricted free agent and they can match any offer for him. They will.

Clippers chances: 0% 

3. Dwyane Wade / 6-4 / Team: Miami / 19 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 4.6  apg (Unrestricted)

Had this list been compiled a few years ago, Wade would be the unquestionable first choice. Wade has battled injuries over the years, but this past season was his healthiest in years. He does have a lot of miles on him though. Still, Wade is an All-Star player that on any given night can light you up for 30 or 40 points. He could be that number two option that will put a team over the top. However, him getting a chance to play for any other team not named the Heat are very low. They aren’t letting the greatest player in the franchise history to walk.

Clippers chances: 10% (Unless a miracle happens and all the stars decide to play for the Clippers, he’s not coming)

4. Evan Fournier / 6-6 / Team: Orlando / 15.4 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 2.7 apg (Restricted)

The French sensation might be the best unknown player in the NBA

Most know little to nothing about Fournier. He might be the NBA’s best young player no one knows about, unless you are a Magic fan. Fournier is a do-it-all player that proved this season that he can be a scorer if given some minutes. He’s also very athletic. Teams should be knocking on his door at the start of free agency, he’s worth nearly the max. Whoever signs him will be more than pleased, as his best is yet to come.

Clippers chances: 5% (He will be in high demand, but he’d be a hell of a fit with the Clippers)

5. Jordan Clarkson / 6-4 / Team: Los Angeles Lakers / 15.5 ppg, 4 rpg (Restricted)

Clarkson is a bit of an enigma. His 15 points per game look impressive on paper, but is it because he plays for a horrible team that lacks any legitimate scorers? Or is Clarkson a player on the rise that has start potential? Chances are that the Lakers won’t let him get away with nearly $70 million in cap room that they have.

Clippers chances: 0% 


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