In the first look at the NBA free agency preview, I took a look at the best available centers on the market. Today I will be taking a look at the top available point guards and the chances of the Clippers acquiring them:

  1. Mike Conley / 6-1 / Team: Memphis / 15.3 ppg, 6.1 apg (Unrestricted)

Conley is by far the best free-agent point guard. The 28-year-old is entering his prime and he might be looking to bolt the Grizzlies after yet another coaching change. Wherever Conley ends up going, it most likely will be a contending team. He will definitely get paid the max.

Clippers chances: 5% (Conley is basically a young Chris Paul, so unless the Clippers trade Paul, chances are you won’t be seeing Conley in a Clipper uniform).

2.  Rajon Rondo / 6-1 / Team: Sacramento / 11.9 ppg, 11.7 apg, 6 rpg (Unrestricted) 

Rondo had a big bounce-back year for the Kings this season. He can’t score much, but he has championship experience and still has solid defensive skills to go along with the league-leading 11.7 assists per game. He should get paid handsomely.

Clippers chances: 5% (They have no use or money for Rondo)

3.  Jeremy Lin / 6-3 / Team: Charlotte / 11.7 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 3 apg (Player Option)

Before signing with Charlotte, Lin was thought of as being a mediocre reserve backup. This season, he showed flashes of Linsanity coming back to life. Lin led the Hornets second unit and often started games filling in for Kemba Walker or alongside him. He has a chance to secure a nice contract this offseason, with a possibility of landing a starting job somewhere.

Clippers chances: 25% (If the Clippers decide to let Crawford walk, and some of the other guys opt out, spending some of that money on Lin would be a smart option).

4. Deron Williams / 6-3 / Team: Dallas / 14.1 ppg, 5.8 apg  (Player Option) 

At one point Williams was widely considered a top-2 point guard in the league alongside Paul (they were in the same draft). The last few seasons, Williams has been a shell of his former self. Injuries have plagued him to the point where he was cut by the Brooklyn Nets. Williams had a nice bounce-back year with the Mavs this season, but can this revival continue?

Clippers chances: 10% (Unless he is willing to take the minimum or small contract)

5. Matthew Dellavedova / 6-4 / Team: Cleveland / 7.5 ppg, 4.4. apg (Restricted)

Dellavedova made a name for himself in last season’s playoffs, where he became the second option to LeBron James after the injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. His role regressed a bit this season due to Irving’s health and other roster changes. “Delli” is a hard working and pesky player, and in the right situation he could uncover some untapped potential.

Clippers chances: 15% (just like with Lin, if they clear some cap room, he’d be a great  addition).


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