Real Madrid just won their record 11th Champions League trophy, after defeating hometown rivals Athletico Madrid on penalty kicks. Who came through for their team when they needed him the most? Cristiano Ronaldo. After slumping his way through the game and making little impact for the first 120 minutes, Ronaldo netted the winning penalty kick that clinched the title for Real.

People are quick to hate on Ronaldo. When he wasn’t performing during the game, the jokes and memes erupted on Twitter.

It seems that every chance people get to bash on the man, they do it. The biggest misconceptions about him are that he’s arrogant and showmanistic, as if he’s immediately labeled as a bad guy. Can you fault the man for being a really handsome guy that cares about his appearance? How does that make him a bad guy? The misconceptions about Ronaldo are unwarranted. People that know nothing about him claim that he’s a bad guy, when reality he appears to be very charitable.

On the field he’s unquestionably a Top-2 player in the world next to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. As great as Messi is, Ronaldo has surpassed him. His numbers are record breaking. In 2015, Ronaldo had 57 goals for club and country in 57 appearances. In 2016, Ronaldo has 27 goals and 8 assists in 26 appearances for club and country. In this season’s Champions League that he just won, his numbers were simply ridiculous:

He has dominated the toughest and most prestigious competition in Europe. He’s won three Champions League trophies (2 with Madrid, 1 with Manchester United). The knock against him is that he hasn’t won a World Cup, but winning a World Cup is another ballgame. World Cup is dependent on players playing for their home country, in Ronaldo’s case that would be Portugal. They don’t have the most talented of rosters, in comparison to other world giants. He’s taken Portugal to heights and tournaments they had no business partaking in. On the contrary Messi hasn’t won any World Cups either.

As he basks in the glory of his second Champions League trophy in the last three years, it’s time to acknowledge the fact that Ronaldo has surpassed Messi and that not only is he the best player in this generation, but most likely the best of all-time. The scary part is that he just turned 31 and has plenty of time to continue to rewrite record books. Time to face the facts; love him or hate him, the best soccer player on the planet is Cristiano Ronaldo. Just imagine the celebrations taking place in Madrid. Viva Ronaldo.


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