Rivers Season Exit Interview Telling Of Team Future

It’s almost been two weeks since the Clippers season came to an abrupt ending, but Doc Rivers made some news during the May 2 exit team interviews. Here are some takeaways from what Rivers said:

On the team’s core:

“I like our core, our bench was really good this year.”

He does make a solid point. The bench was a pleasant surprise with Jamal Crawford winning another Sixth Man of the Year Award. Cole Aldrich was a pleasant surprise. The only bright spot was Austin Rivers’ emergence in the playoffs after Chris Paul went down.

When asked how much tweaking does the roster need:

“I don’t know, we’re close and we know that. Obviously with the injuries, we literally don’t know what could have happened.”

Clearly this roster will need tweaking. The Clippers have very little cap room. It will be problematic retaining Jamal Crawford. Most of the core is locked up for at least another year, until Paul and Blake Griffin have their contract opt-outs in 2017. Until then, things shouldn’t change much.

On Paul Pierce having has another season left in him:

“Yeah, I do.”

What? Are you kidding me? Pierce couldn’t get off the bench even if you had a golf cart there to pick him up. He is the definition of being DONE. His playoff numbers are beyond atrocious. No thanks to another year of Pierce.

On the team locker room culture:

“I thought our locker room this year was fantastic. We absorbed a lot of stuff, as the year went on it got better and better. It showed through the injuries,  just player wise culture.”

There weren’t any issues of team friction to report. This team came together in the summer when multiple players pitched DeAndre Jordan to back out on his Dallas deal to rejoin the Clippers. Aside from the Blake Griffin and trainer fiasco, team-wise things seemed good.

On anyone needing additional surgery:

“No, Chris already had surgery, so I don’t think anyone else will.”

Hopefully. This team had more injuries than it could endure. As evidenced by their early playoff exit.





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