Why Am I Doing This

So you might be wondering who am I and why is a guy living in Chicago writing about the L.A. Clippers. To set the record straight, I have lived in L.A. and attended many Clippers games. Actually been a longtime fan of the team. We are talking Michael Olowokandi days. Times where Clippers were a destination to get drafted to and flee immediately.

Why my blog when there are hundreds of blogs and about this team out there? I want to bring to you Clipper news with some much needed humor. While I promise to provide relevant info about the team, I’ll be providing plenty of comedic commentary. A mixture of humor and facts can be a lot more entertaining to read than just a standard game recap. I want my readers to have fun reading my blog posts.

What you can expect in this blog are game recaps, mailbags, podcasts as just some of the many variations of articles I will be posting. Enjoy the blog and feel free to interact with me. I assure you the views will be 100% honest and from the heart, good or bad.


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